I am obsessed with this color..

I am obsessed with this color..

The very definition of camwhoring…

The very definition of camwhoring…

Is age simply a number?

does it matter in what age should we fall in love?

and does it matter to which boy or man we fell for?

does it? does it matter?

The past is the greatest lessons.

I love them!!!

I love them!!!

Some random food for thoughts…

A short family and friends reunion in Penang. Nothing like some comedy central acts with my fellow that makes me smile…



I love every single one of them regardless what we all went thru, hell or heaven…its been an eyeopening journey that helps shape the person I am…

45 days

I think about every possibilities, every obstacles and every decisions I have made so far.

Being away from my family, far enough so I have my space to be independent, but still close enough to be a part of their life.

I chose to stay, instead of discovering what else is out there. 

to possibly embark on a journey in a no mans land, where one can never know whether they’ll make it home.

I hated my guts for those decisions

still do.

Mr. Regret often pays a visit, especially when I am vulnerable.

Now, that is one thing people don’t believe I am.

Vulnerable, what’s that word even mean.

When you put Lisa and Vulnerable together, it dont match they say

its like eating ice cream with tomato sauce. 

its like wearing a pink polkadot shirt with golden stripes trousers

it simply does not make sense.

I felt silly. I still do.

I think I am silly to even write these feelings down

What kind of sore losers waking up in the morning writing down her feelings?

I am suppose to be working on my thesis, but to heck with that.

I am not even sure I’m writing a good one. Let’s just wish I’ll be holding on that bloody black scroll in exactly 45 days.

Where everything comes down to that one day.

and the countdown begins…